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We are sometimes forced to move far away from our parents, who then have to find a way to live on their own. This is fine as long as they are hale and hearty, but once they get older, it becomes more dangerous to leave them on their own as the elderly are highly susceptible to accidents and illnesses. But what can you do when you can’t live at home and take care of them 24/7? You can follow one or all of the following options:

Invite Them In

While this may seem like an alien concept in the Western world, in the rest of the world, it’s actually not so foreign. Asian families in particular live with their extended families, so that grandparents, parents and grandchildren all live in one house. Sometimes, cousins, aunts and uncles also live together with the grandparents in the family house. Not only does this allow you to keep an eye on your aging parents, it also saves a lot of money, especially if your parents were independent folks before and are happy to chip in however they can. Families in developed countries, where previously the children would move out as soon as they were old enough, now either return to their parents house later in life, or invite the parents into theirs as a solution to taking care of their parents. 

Find Live-in Caretakers

There are aged care placement services that provide care givers for elders for a monthly or annual fee. These services only hire qualified individuals and guarantee good medical care for their clients.

If you live too far away to visit regularly but don’t want your parents living alone, you can contact aged care placement services and pay for a caregiver to come and take care of them. Make sure to remain in touch with them regularly however and also keep tabs on the caregivers by asking for updates and visiting as often as you can. No matter how much the service vouches for the qualifications and character of the caregiver they send, you have the right to ask for references and certificates yourself so please do so.

A Secure Nursing Home

As a last resort, you can arrange for your parents to go to a voluntary nursing home, where you can visit during weekends and take them on outings etc. A nursing home is a wonderful way to ensure that your parents have round the clock care and proper medical attention; sometimes, they do not get the social stimulus or the individual attention they require at home, where their children may be at work the whole day and only come home late at night. A good nursing home will have professionals who can take care of your parents while you can still give them the love and attention they need.