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To start off living in an elderly care facility there are a few steps that one must undergo in Australia. These organizations are usually owned by the Australian government and ensures proper support and good quality of life for its elderly population.


When you are ready to move into an aged care in Kew facility, you need to first contact your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) which is free of charge for an evaluation to check if you are eligible to enter such a place. They will inform you of the different options available for you and help you to make the right decision as well. You can have a loved one for support while you speak to them. If they find you appropriate, then they will send a letter after a while.

Finding the right place for you

The available aged care homes are plenty these days, but among them the one that caters to all your needs must be found out. Your choice will depend on your need, for example, you may need a facility which has specialized dementia care facilities if you suffer from this condition. With the help of a family member it’s better to visit some of the places you are considering to get a good feel of it. The impression that the environment and staff members leave you can help you to make the decision better.


The Australian government usually pays most of the costs when you enter such a place unless you are capable. These costs will include the basic living fee for food, electricity and laundry; means-tested care fee is what some people have to pay if they have had high income occupations; accommodation charges which some have to pay partially, fully or none at all; and additional charges if you require higher standards of attention and service. However, even if personal financial assistance is not available, you will still be attended to by the Australian government.

Apply to the place of your preference

Once you find the place that you think is most suitable for you, you must contact them and fill in an application form which requires your personal details and details of your nominated carer if available like a family member. Some facilities will discuss important issues like end-of-life care which you need to make decisions about.

The last step is to move into your elderly care facility, where you will be introduced to the staff members and other residents who you will soon make friends with. There will be many activities that you will do together with them and this will keep your spirits high.